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We are committed to providing clean, graded, hygienically fit, unadulterated genuine food and non-food items to the public and especially to the poorer segments of the society, at comparatively cheaper rates than the market and to offer them a pleasant environment of mutual confidence while making their purchases. 

USC is also committed towards its obligation to provide economic relief to the public by playing its role as a price moderator and deterrent to profiteering, hoarding and black- marketing. 

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Pulses are an integral part of every household in Pakistan. At Utility Stores Corporation we understand the requirement of every household and procures the finest quality of pulses for consumers at a subsidized rate.

Oil & Ghee

Ghee/ Oil is commonly used in every cuisine in Pakistan. Thus, another integral food item that is available at Utility Stores. We ensure the provision of hygienic, well-refined, and finest quality ghee at prices lower than the open market. 


We know that rice is one of the widely consumed staple food items in every household in Pakistan, that's why we at Utility Stores ensure the availability of high-quality rice at prices lower than the open market. 


No cuisine is complete without spices. Spices are additives that add taste, color, and flavor to our food. Knowing the requirement, we at Utility Stores are ensuring the provision of finest grinded spices for the people of Pakistan.

Utility Stores Corporation Leadership

Mr. Syed Murtaza Mahmud

Federal Minister for Industries & Production

Mr. Momin Agha

Additional Secretary (Incharge) Ministry of Industries & Production
Chairman USC Board of Directors

Mr. Muhammad Ali Ammer

Managing Director Utility Stores Corporation