Instagram for Windows Phone misses the mark

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id="cnetReview" section="rvwBody" data-component="indepthReview"> <i><u> <div></u></i> <div id="editorReview" class="description editorialBody" data-lazyload-images-options='"threshold":500' data-component='["lazyloadImages","scrollTracking"]'> <p>The Facebook-owned photo and video social network Instagram has <a href="">gained immense</a> popularity over the last three years on iOS and Android as a place to capture and share images with your friends. The app finally arrived for <a href="">Windows Phone</a> in late November 2013, and while it has some of the core features, it's missing a lot of what makes Instagram fun.</p><p>There was a great deal of confusion over the app's features when it launched, so let me clear a few things up. First, you <em>can</em> take photos in the app, but the process is not the same as it is in the other apps. I outline that process in this review. Second, <A HREF=>takipçi satın al</A> you cannot shoot video or import video into the app, but you can watch videos that others have uploaded. You cannot tag people in your photos, but you can see other people's tags in your feed. Lastly, there is no Photo Map (more on that later).</p><div class="injectedAd eighty"><div data-ad="native-leader" data-ad-container="60aafb4662b41" class="ad-native-leader ad-slot "> </div></div>