PM’s Relief Package to continue at Utility Stores

The Prime Minister’s Relief Package will continue in Utility Stores Corporation (USC) and Special subsidy will be provided on pulses, flour, sugar, rice and ghee to facilitate the masses of the country.
The Prime Minister’s Relief Package was launched on 8th January to provide relief to public at all utility stores across the country, in the first month of 2020 which Utility Stores management and workers have performed on emergent basis, and made it easy to get all subsidized items for the public at their doorsteps.
As good quality flour, sugar, rice, ghee, pulses were provided to nationwide Stores and the masses purchased with great confidence and benefited from the Prime Minister’s Relief package, which is indicated in shape of 800% increase in corporation sales under the Prime Minister’s Relief package.
The Prime Minister have praised the hard work of the Utility Stores Corporation’s management and workers.
This performance and commitment will once again be repeated for the convenience of the public and this month the masses will get cheap and standard items at affordable prices.
And the workers of the Utility Stores Corporation will remain in service of the public without any concession. There will be no disruption in the delivery of the package to the public and strict action will be taken against any illegal activity.